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Feral Cats Come Out of the Shadows on National Feral Cat Day, Oct. 16

How much do we care for feral cats? We care enough to devote a whole day to raising public awareness about them. Each year on October 16th, we celebrate National Feral Cat Day, now in its 17th year. In 2001, Alley Cat Allies, the national advocate for feral and stray cats, launched National Feral Cat Day to gain recognition for feral cats, which number in the tens of millions across the country, and for whom survival is a constant challenge. In most cases, their lives are short. They struggle to find food and water. They also are threatened with disease, cruelty, starvation and predation.

National Feral Cat Day also serves as a day to recognize the thousands of individuals who work passionately to improve the lives of too often forgotten felines. Through Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs, feral cat organizations and individuals aim to break the endless breeding cycle and provide feral cats with needed food and medical care so they can live out their lives in their colonies.

Get Involved

If you find a feral or stray at in your backyard, make sure it is spayed or neutered. If don’t feel comfortable trapping the animal on your own, Whisker Warriors can help with trapping in Rancho Cordova. You also can help the cause by becoming a colony caregiver. Feral cat organizations always can us help to feed, trap, and transport cats to veterinarians. After surgery, you can provide the cats with a temporary shelter while they recuperate.

Walk for Feral Cats

You also can show your support for feral cats by participating in Sacramento’ 14th Annual National Feral Cat Day 5K Walk – Put Your Best Paw Forward, scheduled for Sunday, October 14. Proceeds from the walk will benefit the Coalition for Community Cats (C4CC), a registered 501(c)3 organization whose goal is to assist community cats and their caregivers in their TNR efforts. C4CC holds spay/neuter clinics once a month, which are open to free-roaming or feral cats.

The CC4C Walk begins at 10 a.m. and last till noon. On-site registration is open from 9 to 10 a.m. Participants meet at the California Auto Museum at 22 Front Street, Sacramento. For more information, go to:



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