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Distinguished Community Service Organization

Whisker Warriors:
We seek to defend those who can't speak for themselves; the canines, felines and rabbits in our community.

​Our Mission

We are dedicated to reducing animal overpopulation, specifically through spay/neuter and education. We also seek to assist in the care and well-being of felines, canines and rabbits in our community.

Specific Purposes

Partner with the County of Sacramento, Rancho Cordova City Council, Animal Services and other non-profits with similar missions to provide resources for residents to have access to free or very low cost spay/neuter and vaccine services for all pets and homeless animals. Recipient of Community Enhancement Grants 2015-present, Transient Occupancy Tax Grant 20182021-present.

Animal Welfare 

Partner with businesses in the area to provide pet food and other supplies to seniors, homeless veterans and other residents in need.

Cat Core - Sacramento

Actively participate in solving issues involving Community Cat TNR and support within Northern California in conjunction with individuals and nonprofits involved in community cat care.

Care for Community Cats

Continue our TNR (Trap Neuter Return) program and provide food and shelter for homeless cats.

You must live in Sacramento County.  For unincorporated areas, to qualify, you must be on some sort of government aid, such as food stamps, MediCAL, unemployment, Social Security, or SSDI.


For Rancho Cordova residents, you qualify by being a resident of the City.


This program is funded in part by Measure H and Measure R Community Enhancement Funds (Rancho Cordova) and

TOT Grant funds from the County of Sacramento.


Please obtain an appointment first, then contact us for a voucher:



6201 Florin Perkins Road

Sacramento, CA 95828

Contact 916-504-2811 for appointments

Check in 7:15-8:00 am

Pickup 4-5 pm late fee applies after 5.

Online appointments

Click on waitlist and fill out the form



3839 Bradshaw Road

Sacramento, CA 95827

Contact: 916-368-7314

Check in 7:30 am

Pickup 4-5 pm late fee applies after 5

Online appointments


Call Tues thru Thurs 10-2pm to ask for a cancellation appointment.

Animal Spay and Neuter Clinic

3524 KOA Way

Auburn, CA 95602

Contact: 530-889-8800


$10 gas gift card reimbursement for Auburn appointment


Contact us if you have any questions!  888-532-5775.


Once you have an appointment, we will need the date of the appointment, your full name and address, and other eligibility paperwork if outside Rancho Cordova, then we can issue the voucher. The voucher is a number to put on your intake paperwork.


The vouchers cover the surgery, rabies and first FVRCP for cats, DHPP for dogs.


Microchip and free pet license for Rancho Cordova residents only.


Thank you for caring!  Please be patient, it may take several months to get an appointment.

Need Assistance Paying Vet Bills?

Everyone wants what’s best for their pets. Sometimes, however, you find yourself in a tough financial situation and paying for veterinary care can seem impossible. It’s okay to ask for help when you and your furry friend need it.

There are many organizations available to assist with paying veterinary bills. Please feel free to download and print this list of resources for assistance.

Animal Services Community Support Program

A new Rancho Cordova Animal Services Program may be able to help you get care for and keep your dog or cat when there is a medical issue.


The City’s Animal Services Community Support Program launched in the summer of 2022 through a grant from UC Davis. The primary goal of the program is to keep pets in the homes of Rancho Cordova families facing financial hardship.


“One of the more difficult parts of our job is seeing Rancho Cordova residents who want to care for their pet but lack the resources,” said Senior Animal Services Officer, Craig Hall. “We are proud to be able to lend a helping hand and close that gap through this new program.”


Hall said the program continues to be a tremendous help to local families and their pets. To see if you qualify, contact the Animal Services team at 916-851-8852 or

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Recent recognition of our work in the community:

Proclamation from the City of Rancho Cordova, Mayor, Garrett Gatewood, in recognition of the volunteers of the Rancho Cordova Whisker Warriors and the hundreds of hours they volunteer each year, including trapping, feeding, and fostering. March 2021

Certificate of Appreciation from Kevin Walker, Case Manager, Mather Vets Village, for providing needed service dog food, March 16, 2018

Meals on Wheels - Outstanding Service Award 2017

Recognition in the Grapevine on the front page, March 17, 2017

Distinguished Community Service Organization Award from the Cordova Community Council in 2017

Certificate of Recognition, Jim Nielsen, Senator, March 10, 2017

Certificate of Achievement, Donald Terry, Mayor of Rancho Cordova, March 10, 2017

California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition, Ken Cooley, Assemblyman, 8th District, March 10. 2017 Recognition of

Achievement, Board of Supervisors, County of Sacramento, State of California, 2017

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