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Saying goodbye to your loving fur companion is so very hard.  The Whisker Warriors want to help you remember how special your bond is. 


We have put together this Remembrance page so that we may share in the legacy of our special friends. If you would like to have a part of this page dedicated to your beloved pet who has gone over the rainbow bridge, please email us at with “Remembrance” in the subject line. Please include the following information:  Name of pet, brief paragraph sharing the story of your pet and what made your fur friend so special (250 words max.) Please also include a picture of your pet.

If you wish, we accept donations in honor of your pet. The money or food donations will help us provide care for other animals in need.

Your story and picture will remain on our website for a minimum of 6 months.

Pharaoh 01.png


It was just like any other day, until I saw him, walking up the driveway
like he had done it many times before! He was so handsome and regal,
walking slow and deliberate like he knew where he was going. Where did he come from?
I fell in love that day with a Bengal Cat, and called him Pharaoh, after
the Egyptian Kings. He knew his name, and spent a lot of time with me,
like a good friend and protector.
I lost him way too soon, but will never forget that amazing day when he
came into my life.
Patricia Kay

Pharaoh 02.png
Rainbow Bridge Poem.png
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