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Become a Whisker Warrior on the Big Day of Giving May 2

From the beginning, Whisker Warriors set out to attack the problem of pet overpopulation in a different way. We knew from previous experience working in animal welfare that we could not rescue our way out of too many pets and too few homes. We met with Rancho Cordova city officials to find out how we could work together. Out of that meeting, Whisker Warriors was born. Our vision: expand spay/neuter throughout the city and beyond to reduce the number of unwanted pets and help pet guardians struggling financially by providing needed food and other pet supplies.

Today through grants from the city of Rancho Cordova and other grant-making organizations we are fulfilling our vision. Through the Whisker Warriors spay/neuter voucher program residents of Rancho Cordova can have their pets sterilized at the low-cost spay/neuter facilities in the county, including the Sacramento SPCA and the Community Spay Neuter Clinic. Outside Rancho Cordova, we offer vouchers to seniors, low-income residents, and veterans in the greater Sacramento Area.

We also work with organizations such as Meals on Wheels to provide food for seniors in that program who have pets. And we support community cat caregivers with food supplies. To that end, we currently are helping feed over 250 community cats.

While grants help defray costs, our financial needs exceed these funds. And that is where you come in. The Big Day of Giving is a critical fundraising effort to help ensure that we can continue these programs and expand to help even more animals throughout the greater Sacramento area.

The good news is that this year, you do not need to wait until May 2 to give. Donations can start as early as April 18.  It gets even better. Give with a Golden 1 Credit Union debit or credit card to boost your impact. Golden 1 Credit Union is proportionately matching its members' gifts— up to $100,000!  You can donate here:

Help us continue to fulfill our mission to reduce pet overpopulation and ensure that beloved owned pets get the care they need. Become a Whisker Warrior through your support on the Big Day of Giving.  The animals are counting on you.



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