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Giving Thanks for Helping the Animals

Day of Giving Continues our Live Saving Work

This year with the holidays upon us, our thanks are in abundance for our community’s support in helping Whisker Warriors assist pet owners and feral cat caregivers throughout the Sacramento Area. Here is a snapshot of what we accomplished 2023.

New grant for senior cat care givers

We are extremely grateful and delighted to announce a new grantor. The Dermody Properties Foundation has presented us with a 2023 grant for $3,000 to help us provide supplies to seniors caring for Community Cats. In presenting us with the funds, Dermody Properties said, “We appreciate the work you are doing in the community and hope the funds granted will make a difference in your programs.”

Dermody Properties is a national industrial real estate investment, development & management firm with a focus on logistics real estate. The Dermody Properties Foundation focuses on the arts, education, and the family, as well as a special emphasis on children and the elderly.

Major goals achieved

This year, we celebrate many achievements through grants and the generous contributions of the community.

Spay/neuter voucher program

· Gave out vouchers for free spay/neuter for dogs and cats to any Rancho Cordova resident who requested one. The voucher in addition to providing surgeries, covers vaccines, a microchip, and a free pet license. No other city provided this level of service in our region.

· The TOT Grant voucher program for low-income Sacramento County residents has been hugely successful and we used almost the entire grant amount of $5,000 so far!

Support for community cats

· Helped over 60 residents with Trap/Neuter/Return cat issues this year. Our work involves trapping cats, transporting cats to the clinics, recovering the cats, and returning them to their homes.

· Fostered lots of kittens!

· Whisker Warriors team members and community partners fed over 250 community cats every single day, rain, or shine.

· Handed out over 300 shelters and 150 feeding stations to any community cat caregiver who needed one.

· Supported the SPCA return-to-field program. Prior to this program, any feral cat that was surrendered to the shelter was euthanized, unless there was a barn home readily available, which was rare. Now, through a contract with the City, the SPCA offers free spay/neuters, then returns the cat where it was found. The SPCA utilizes us to return the cats.

Food and supplies for pet caregivers in need

· Provided food to over 500 Meals on Wheels seniors for their pets throughout the region.

· Provided pet food to residents in need, on an emergency basis.

· Provided food, litter, toys, bowls, collars and leashes, beds, carriers, and sweaters for the pets of the Mather Veterans Village Veterans.

In addition to these programs, we get calls and emails daily for help with a range of pet issues. We help the best we can, working with partners and resources in the community.

Day of Giving

While we are proud and grateful for these accomplishments, our work is not done. With your support on Tuesday’s Day of Giving, November 28, we can continue programs such as these and more to help the animals in the Sacramento area and the people who love them. Donate


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