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Whisker Warriors "Feels the Love" from the Community in May

We cannot thank our community enough for your great support. May will go down as a banner month.

On May 2, through the Sacramento Area Big Day of Giving, we received donations from 85 area residents! The totals are not yet available, but at least $8,492 was raised online.

Local businesses also came to our support during the month. Rancho Cordova Grocery Outlet donated slightly expired dog and cat food and also will be giving us “people” food, which we can hand out at a veteran’s event. Holman, a Rancho Cordova business that cares for a colony of cats onsite, awarded us a gift of $750.00 to financially support our work!

And if that wasn't enough, May 18th was a real "red letter" day:

  • We asked for pet food donations for the Rancho Cordova Spring Day of Service May 18 and received $1,200 in donated bags and cans of pet food! 

  • We made $1410.10 from our participation in the Stone Creek Garage Sale on May 18.  You can see how crowded our sale was in the photo taken for local publicity around the community garage sale. Our sale is on the bottom right in the photo.

  • We also had volunteers at the RC Vaccine Clinic giving out our information May 18th, which brought in more donations via Amazon wish list.

Thank you again for being amazing! Together, we’re doing great things for the animals and people who care for them.



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