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Ready to Become a Whisker Warrior?

Join Our Volunteer Team

We are growing and so is our need for volunteers. If you are ready to get hands-on helping us to control pet overpopulation in the area, we would love to have you join our volunteer team. We are looking for:

Feral cat feeders: Help feed established feral colonies throughout the area. We provide the food. You pick a day or days during the week when you can feed one or more of the colonies throughout Rancho Cordova.

Feral cat transporters: We need folks to help us get trapped cats to low-cost spay neuter clinics at Community Spay Neuter (CSN) or Sacramento SPCA for their surgeries and pick them up after. It is an “on-call” volunteer role once a cat is trapped.

Kitten fosters: Kitten season is upon us and we need fosters for kittens until they are ready to go to Sacramento SPCA for spay/neuter and be put up for adoption. Kittens generally are ready for surgery in two months so it’s a short-term commitment. Food and litter are provided.

Events: We participate in a lot of community events and can always use help setting up our tables, handing out fliers and answering questions from the public.

Please join us for pizza to learn more about these opportunities and how you can get involved.

Thursday, April 20th

6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Steve’s Pizza 3191 Zinfandel Drive, Rancho Cordova


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Mar 27

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