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New Year Off to Great Start with Award of Two Grants

We start the New Year with two significant grants to continue our life-saving work to help reduce pet overpopulation and support pet owners in need in Sacramento County.

We received notification that the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors approved a $5,000 award under the Sacramento County’s Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) grant program. We will be using the funding to provide underserved county residents with vouchers for free spay/neuter/vaccination services for their cats and dogs. We also will provide educational resources for pet owners.

Additionally, the Glide Foundation awarded Whisker Warriors a $4,000 grant, which we will use for feral cat food and the ability to offer more free feral spay/neuter in the region. The Glide Foundation provides benefits for qualified organizations committed to animal protection organizations, other land and wildlife conservancy groups, agricultural purposes, preservation of land in its natural state, and opera, symphony, and other similar civic organizations.

We are grateful for the funding and proud that our work continues to garner support from organizations committed to improving the lives of animals. We will be applying for other grants throughout the year to support spay/neuter and pet food donation efforts in Rancho Cordova and for underserved residents in the county. We will keep you posted!



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