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Holiday safety tips for pets

Home Alone is a favorite Christmas movie, but you don’t want to leave your dog or cat alone with the tree during the holidays, especially if you have breakable ornaments. Trees are a huge temptation to cats, who will want to climb into them. And dogs just might want to use the tree as a “fire hydrant.” The risk is that tree needles can get lodged into a pet’s paw pads or even their nostrils. If you don’t want to go the artificial tree route, be sure someone is around supervising your animals when the tree is up.

Other tree related safety tips include:

· Tinsel is sharp and can cut through your cat or dog’s intestines if swallowed.

· Tape tree light cords to the wall and across the floor so cats and dogs don’t chew through them and get burned or electrocuted.

· Mistletoe, Holly, English Ivy and Poinsettias are poisonous to your pets.

· Many ornaments can be fatal if swallowed.

It’s not only trees that can pose a danger to pets during the holidays. Here are some other things to think about to keep pets safe.

Don’t feed table scraps

You may think a few scraps from the table won’t be harmful but that’s not so. Chicken and steak bones can splinter and perforate the stomach or other internal organs of your cat or dog. And turkey – though many pets love it – can cause pancreatitis cautions the American Veterinary Medical Association. Baked goods can be too rich; onions, raisins and grapes can be poisonous. And above all, NO CHOCOLATE! It can be toxic to dogs and cats.

Practice good fire safety

When it comes to the fire in the fireplace or holiday candles, keep pets away. Keep a screen in front of the fireplace and supervise pets near candles. A wagging or swishing tail can knock over a candle.

Keep pets away from presents

Cats and string are synonymous that’s why you’ll want to keep cats – and dogs, too ­away from all those presents wrapped under the tree. Wrapping paper, string, ribbon, plastic pieces or cloth all can cause intestinal blockages.

Pets need chill time

Some pets can get agitated when there are lots of people coming and going. If so, keep them in a separate room away from the noise.

Keep the holiday mood festive at your home for all family members with these simple tips.


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Oct 02, 2021

This was loovely to read

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